Pray for rain


Please pray that we get some rain soon. It’s been over 100 for several days, and our rainfall is way below average. The river is down, farmers are having to buy hay for their cattle, and we are about to be put on water restrictions. We need rain so much!


I hope the Lord will bring you weather that will help you grow your crops, as well as to make the land much healthier.


Prayers that there’ll be enough rainfall to help with the farmers with their crops this summer. :gopray:


You bet!




i know how it feels to be in and endless heatwave:mad: i hate the heat! i pray for your heatwave to end soon!


Thanks everyone for your prayers. Right now I sometimes think that it will never be cool and never rain again. But I know that we’ll have rain and cooler weather in God’s good time.


May God send you rain and cooler weather and soon…


May God Almighty give you the strength to endure that heatwave & relieve your land with showers of rain as soon as possible.:console:


Praying for this intention…


:byzsoc:Such terrible weather this year! You are in my prayers.:byzsoc:


This heading reminded me of a movie I’ve seen recently (and have watched over and over again), “Facing The Giants”. In it, a man tells a story.

Two farmers, both facing a drought, and both were praying for rain. The one farmer went out and prepared his field and planted seed. Which man had faith?

Father, please give these folks the rain they so need, and let it be a soft, gentle rain that lasts several days. And Father, please always help us to remember to “prepare for rain” as we pray. In the name of Jesus I pray.



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