Pray for rain

The horrible heat wave that has gripped us for the past several weeks is moderating, but we need rain so much! The trees are in danger, there is danger from fires and the river is as low as it can get. Please everyone, pray that we get some rain soon.

I’m praying for the rain also. The weather channel’s web site list our small town as having almost 4 inches of rain over the last 4 days… We haven’t had more than a half an inch all month. It is so dry in the south… We are all praying for rain in the South. Our business has suffered greatly as have all the farmers. Cattle have no creeks left at this point.

Praying that God will provide appropriate weather in the right places… :slight_smile:

Perhaps for less-good of a reason, but I’d also like some prayers for rain – reseeding the lawn.



Lord, you’ve blessed us with such a beautiful world, and Your promise to love us. Please send soft and gentle rains to the drought stricken areas of the world so that it will thrive, and not burn up as if the fires of hell had been turned loose upon it. We praise Your name Father. We love You Lord and we always will. Amen. :signofcross:

You got the prayers!!

Praying for you all…

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