Pray for Rev. Falwell


Hello everyone at CAF,
I know that there are things that separate us in theology, but can we all, as a Christian community, Catholic or Protestant, pray for the Rev. Jerry Falwell, who this morning was found in the library at Liberty University unconscious. Reports indicate that he is in a “gravely serious condition.” Please keep Rev. Falwell in your prayers. I will pray that the Lord judges him kindly and grants him entrance into Heaven.

Dominus vobsicum


Rev. Jerry Falwell has passed on this morning. I know that some people believe that he is already in Heaven by now. Catholics, like myself, believe that he could enter the purging stage of Purgatory. Please let us all pray for the repose of the soul of Jerry Falwell. May the Lord welcome him into the eternal kingdom.

Dominus vobsicum



Despite all his crazy stunts, I know he truly loved God. May the Lord ease his path back Home.

As I write this news has come of his passing…God Speed Reverend :signofcross:


I am sorry I came late. May Rev. Falwell rest in peace. Jesus’ mercy is great!


Let us pray for him so that his sins maybe lose from him… just as the Book of 2 Maccabbees states…


Eternal Peace unto him.


I just had a battle on a video game forum where the people were rejoicing that Falwell had died:mad:
They accused him of being a bigot who “hated” homosexuals and abortion supporters.
I could not sit idly by so I began attacking them verbally and the thread was locked.
Sometimes my temper gets the best of me but in this case it was good as the topic is now closed and I hope he rests in peace.


(perhaps the mods can change the title of the thread.)

prayers for his family.


I agree with you. May he rest in peace.

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