Pray for saddened and distraught unemployed friend Natasza


Have a blessed day everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR .Today I SUBMIT this prayer REQUEST for my best friend NATASZA . I care about and worry about her . i ask you all here in our prayer forum for prayer . LORD I PRAISE AND WORSHIP YOU , HAVE MERCY UPON MY SISTER IN CHRIST NATASZA AND PROVIDE HER WITH A JOB THIS WEEK THAT WILL BRING YOU GLORY. OH I THANK YOU LORD, in JESUS’S name , amen . My lady- friend NATASZA is in despair, sad and worried . She was let go from her job in SEPT. Everyone please pray for her. She is crying and very upset and my heart breaks for her . She has been on numerous interviews , yet no positive responses . Please everyone fervently pray for my lady- friend Natasza. Now I humbly come to you to ask for you all to pray for Natasza as she is unemployed almost 5 months and is in desperate need of work. Please pray our LORD provides her with a job he wants for her and that it shall be done this week. Praise GOD . THANKS ALL FOR PRAYING, your brother in Christ, John


Jesus in these difficult economic times so many are unemployed and unless things radically change, many more will be. Have compassion on those who are suffering the difficulties and discouragement of unemployment, especially long-term unemployment. Please give them courage and hope, and help them to find employment where they can.

I ask this for Nataza also Jesus. Thank you


Trishie thanks from my heart for your prayers for Natasza . She is suffering and is in distress over her unemplotment . KEEP her IN PRAYER, John


Praying for your friend.


Prayers promised


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