Pray for Sean Hannity and all Media


I’m sure some of you are aware of what happened last night on FoxNews. Maybe not?

Here is a thread that someone started about this matter.

We all need to pray for Sean Hannity and for any other Catholic that is in the Media and “professes” their faith in public.

Sean has an “ego” problem and he needs our prayers. I’m sure we all go through ego problems in our lives but Sean went a little too far. He was very disrespectful towards Father Euteneuer. :frowning: I’m not here to judge Sean but to pray for him.

Will you join me in prayer for Sean please? :gopray2:


I watched the video again and Sean has some anger issues. :frowning:
So let’s pray for Sean for God to soften his heart and for Sean to realize what he did was disrespectful.



for hannity yes, and there are other public figures that dont represent the faith in the right way:

Guliani- pro choice, and pro gay marriage
Ted Kennedy- same as above
John Kerry- same as above
Bill O’Reilly- challenged pope JP2 on his anti-war stand, publiclly criticized the former HF.
I’m sure there are some more but thats all i can think of at this time.


I will certainly pray for all of them too. :gopray2:

Thanks for pointing that out to us. All of media and politicians professing that they are “catholic” should be CATHOLIC and not just “cafeteria-catholic.”

Please keep praying. :gopray:

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