Pray For Successful Job Interview


Hi there Friends at CAF
Please do keep me in your prayers - i have a job interview on Tuesday morning. I want Our Heavenly Father to take control and send His Angels before me. and if it is His Will, that I make get this job, I thank Him in advance. And If it is not part of His plan for me, then I thank Him for protecting me.

I continue to pray for all of YOU, and God Bless all of you and this Forum
Thank you :thumbsup:


Definitely praying for you - I certainly know how nerve-wracking job interviews are!


Father, if it is your will, let your humble servant get this job!



Will keep you in daily prayer


Father, please guide fuzzled in her interview, and if this job is Your will I know all will be easy for her. Please keep her calm and let her know You are there with her. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen. :signofcross:


Praying for you…


Dear Mary, My mother and my queen, please intercede for this person. Hail Mary…


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