Pray for the gift of a child


My daughter has been married for 5 years but has no baby as her husband has infertility problem. Please join me in prayer for the gift of a healthy baby for my daughter & son-in-law.


Prayers for your daughter and all struggling to have children. I read something in our missalette at mass that might be of help. It read something like “It is sometimes those who are longing for good things the most (like Abraham and Sarah or Simeon and Anna in the readings today) must have the greatest wait.” This is to test our faith and perseverance in prayer and gratitude for the things we do have, even if they seem insufficient or incomplete. My husband and I have struggled many years with this. My heart goes out to them. It has been especially trying for me (as it is for most women who go through it.) May God grant them their hearts desires.


I’ll pray


Will pray for your daughter and her husband…


Your daughter and her husband will be in my prayers. I ask the Lord to answer their urgent prayers for a healthy child.
God bless you.


LORD Jesus
Perform a miracle


Prayers to St. Elizabeth for your daughter to have a healthy pregnancy. Prayers for peace and consolation while they wait.




Praying, and praying especially hard for this reason since i too struggle w/infertility issues and know how heartbraking and devastating it is to deal w/this problem.


Dear Lord,
Please bless Marigold’s daughter and husband with their heart’s desire of a healthy happy child. Also Lord, we pray for all the childless couples that you may open their eyes to the world of adoption. ~ Amen


Saint Gerard Magella itercede for them before our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen


:signofcross: Dear Lord, I pray for this blessing for this couple and a happy, healthy life for them all. Amen:signofcross:


Thanks to all of you for your prayers for my daughter and son-in-law. I am touched by your response.

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