Pray for the Masche Sextuplets!

The Masche Sextuplets are scheduled to be delivered via C-section today or tomorrow, at just under 30 weeks gestation (a normal pregnancy is around 40 weeks). Please pray that all will go well with the delivery and that all 6 babies stay healthy and grow strong in the NICU. Their website is

I am praying for the Masche sextuplets.
May God bless them with excellent health and their mom too.
God bless,

I will pray for them.

Will pray for them and the mom and the dad too!

May the family be blessed with many excellent medical team personnel to help them through this difficult time. Prayers to all the babies and especially for the parents. God Bless them.

Praying during my holy hour today.

:gopray: :gopray:

Praying. :gopray2:

Keep the prayers coming. It seems like the babies are still in the womb, and every day that they can stay there means a lot to their health :slight_smile: Our prayers are working!


Woohoo! The babies were born today (Monday June 11) at 30 weeks and 4 days! This is wonderful for sextuplet births who usually only make it to 29 weeks! Praise God, Thank You Jesus! And may these babies continue to grow and develop healthily, and may their parents easily adjust from a family of 2 to a family of 8 :slight_smile:

Another set of sextuplets were also born today, but these were only 22 weeks along and are in VERY critical condition. Please keep these babies in your prayers too. They are the Morrison Sextuplets:

Praying for both sextuplets :crossrc:

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