Pray for the success of my ministry


Please pray for the success of my ministry, ( a website dedicated to praying for fallen away Catholics, and also dedicated to supporting those feeling sadness and pain due to the fallen away Catholics in their lives.


God bless you for this. I ask Him to greatly bless you and your ministry. Warm regards, Trishie


Thank you so much for your prayers. Please share the website with your friends and family.

May God bless you!


Prayers promised


Thank you! I know all the prayers will help!!!


praying for this wonderful ministry…


It’s a wonderful thing that you are doing. Keep it up! Keep encouraging others. I will keep your ministry in my prayers.


Wow, thank you. I am so encouraged by your response! Thanks for your prayers!


Thank you. Pray that I can reach those who really need this ministry. I know they are out there!!!


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