Pray for those using St. Patrick's Day as an excuse to engage in sinful behavior

Please pray for all those who will be using the feast day of Saint Patrick as an excuse to get drunk, high, and/or engage in other sinful behavior. Pray that they will abandon their sinful lifestyles and find inspiration in the life of Saint Patrick. Please pray especially for college students who engage in these behaviors in such excessive ways that it actually endangers their lives and the lives of others at times (i.e. drunk driving, alcohol poisoning, etc.).

Please pray that they will come to their senses and stop living for fleeting and immoral pleasures and instead live their lives for God.

Lord, grant all souls abundant grace for prudence and humility during this social holiday. Send angels to guide and protect all souls from sin and draw them all to your Sacred Heart, through Our Lady’s intercession, now and forever. Amen.

Praying. I’ve observed it a few times and it’s disgusting.

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