Pray for Westburo Baptist Church


That they may find their way to Christ…

They destroy days of somber, and ridicule anyone that does not agree with them. This is not a protestant vs catholic issue… this is a Christian issue…

To protestant on this Board, I simply ask that you put in a prayer request at your services for the conversion of their hearts.

To My Catholic Brothers and sisters… perhaps we should offer up a Novena in the hopes that God may remove the scales from their eyes, and turn their hearts to love…

If I have faith enough to move mountains, but have not love, what good is it

In Christ


aren’t those the ones protesting at the funerals for US Soldiers and wishing that more would die?

Can I just skip the prayer for them and take us back to the days of holy smiting?:shrug:


Add the funeral of Jerry Falwell to that list. :rolleyes:


I hate people who hate one another. (sorry… bad pun…)

Maybe it would make these wacko Westburo folks think twice about picketing military funerals if the honor guard DIDN’T use blanks in the 21 gun salute?? (…And “aimed the salute” at picketers?!?)

Let’s see… 70 members… hmmm… 21 gun salute… Uh huh…
it would take 3.3 funerals before we no longer had a problem with them, wouldn’t it? Just an idea! :shrug: :smiley:


I have been praying for the healing and conversion of Fred Phelps for months. I have also been praying for the repose of the soul of one of his early victims, Debbie Valgos.


We could meet outside their Church and pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet.


I think it might make the problem worse. :wink:


They picketed Jerry Falwell’s funeral??? :eek:


I’d sooner pray for the destruction of that organization.

(Not necessarily the individual members, or course).


I personally find it hard to pray for them.

I was at funeral of a fallen associate where the westburo gang made an appearance.

Coupling the already present grief with the anger that got spawned by thier signs,…well use your imagination…luckily to say I had to birng a sack lunch to my next confession…

St Jude could be hard pressed to offer prayers for them…


No. the person was asking to add Jerry to your prayers.


Firstly, we must forgive them for their hate to us.

Secondly, we must not hate them as people but hate their agenda.

Thirdly, we must not ever let anyone we know or are in contact with to fall prey to this kind of evil hatred they have.

Last, and most importantly- we must pray and I choose St. Michael to go to battle on this as I trust he will go to battle for us when and if these heretics are still around for the battle.

Somehow, I doubt they have the longevity factor to be even a threat.

Truth will tell.:wink:


I feel sorry for the kids whom they brought into this kind of behavior and belief.

Look at this innocent kid smiling - he/she had no idea how sad this is:

pic from:


Ooooh. :blush: I’m doing that already. :thumbsup:


Would this intention be something for the Prayer Intentions Forum under Catholic Living?

I just looked at the Wikipedia article and it seems like they hate everyone except Baptists…LORD GOD ALMIGHTY IN HEAVEN HELP US TO HEAR YOUR WORD!!!
:gopray: :gopray: :gopray:
:gopray2: :gopray2:
:crossrc: :crossrc: :crossrc:

Hehe…sorry didn’t realize I was in the Prayer Intentions when I read this.


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