Pray for zerinus to eat His Body and drink His Blood


I have committed sin by treating fellow poster zerinus in a non-charitable manner. Since all of our logical and theological arguments have come to naught, please pray for his heart to be open to the One True church, founded by his Savior, Jesus Christ. God bless you all, and God bless zerinus.




Praying :crossrc:


Your will be done, Lord. :gopray2:




Will keep him in prayer…we all fail someone somewhere, if not here…then it is there…


I will pray for both of you.

Most High, Glorious God
lighten the darkness of my heart
and grant everyone here at CAF, Lord,
a correct faith,
a certain hope,
a perfect charity,
and sense of knowledge,
so that we may carry out
your holy command.

—St. Francis of Assisi.




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