Pray persistently

How can I be more persistent when praying . how do I pray more

By not merely praying for a thing with your words, but praying for a thing with your actions as well.

We’re not praying for “God, come wave a magic wand and fix this person” or “God, this needs to happen, so do it.” We pray for God to do God’s will… and we work as his hands on earth to make the change we want to see. We start by changing ourselves, and in the process, we’re able to change others. :blue_heart:

But we never start off as, “Fix that person over there.”


‘Stand firm and persevere. Be a man of endurance and courage, and consolation will come to you in due time. Wait for Me; wait—and I will come to heal you.’ - The Imitation of Christ


Praying can come in many different forms. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to clasp your hands, bow your head and kneel down, just for GOD to listen to what you are saying. GOD reads the heart. Therefore, anything that comes sincerely from the heart, GOD knows.
To give you an example, as soon as I wake up in the morning, the 1st thing I’d do is to read the mass readings for the day, then pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet, asking GOD to give me the grace and the courage to put His words into practice in my everyday life. On my way to work, I continue talking to GOD, thanking Him for all his creation, and telling him all my fears and anxieties, and so on.
The key point here is, to build a personal and an intimate relationship with GOD. By doing so, one can feel His strong presence all the time. With that, you can have an open conversation with Him anytime of the day for the rest of your life. In return, He’ll give you peace of mind, reassuring you that there’s nothing to worry about, and that everything is well taken care of by Him. GOD bless and peace.


What sort of prayers do you pray? There are many ways to pray, and one way to pray more would be to pray in different modes.

I see that @St.Bede and others have answered similarly.

Another idea: You can spend time with Jesus without words, as friends do at times. This can happen, for example, at Eucharistic Adoration, or by joining Christ on the cross when you are suffering.


It doesnt necessarily follow that if ypu change yourself others will. People keep on saying change but not all change is good. Having cancer is a change but it is negative.

“How can I be more persistent when praying . How do I pray more?”

By joining the “Let’s Pray the Perpetual Rosary” thread. :rofl::rofl:


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