Pray Rosary With Video aids

I recently started praying the rosary. I can sometimes get distracted as I try to create an image of the mystery I am thinking about. So my question is this:

Can I recite the prayers as I am watching a video clip (or still frame picture) of the mystery I am contemplating? Say for example, I was meditating on the crucifixion of our lord, can I watch a clip of the passion of Christ as Jesus was being crucified as I say the hail mary’s?

If not, is it ok if I look at still pictures of the mysteries as I say the rosary?
Just wanted to know is this was ok.

  • Gerardo

I don’t see how there would be anything wrong with that. If it helps you focus on the mysteries and prayers, I say go for it.

I use pictures of the different mysteries to stay focused. It helps me a great deal.

This website gives you the option of praying the rosary with a visual aid before each mystery. :slight_smile:

Come, Pray the Rosary An online rosary for participation in worldwide or individual prayer

Thanks everyone! Thank you Holly. That is an awesome website especially for a noobie like me. Do you know of any other similar websites? Ideally, I would like to concentrate on a video of the actual events. This website has short clips but otherwise focuses on the people praying.
thank you!

Actually, that would make a great EWTN spot - show the actual event of the mystery taking place, with the prayers as a voice-over.

It wouldn’t surprise me if there was something out there like that - if I find one, I’ll certainly post a link to it.

I like to use online Rosary’s from time to time and they usually have some kind of visual aid. I know that Pope John Paul II recommended taking a picture of the Rosary Mystery event to assist in praying the Rosary. I actually have the Rosary by Mother Angelica and her sisters at the Our Lady of the Angels recorded on my MP3 player so I can pray it with them while I walk to work and back. This keeps the sounds of passing cars down to a minimum and keeps me focused. This brings me to another question; can anyone tell me where I can down-load a free MP3 version of the Rosary in Gregorian Chant and Latin? I would really appreciate any help with this.

Oh yeah, one more thing. You know that you can get the Liturgy of the Hours online now. I like to use Universalis. Everything is already broken down for you so that you can just jump into praying it. I am planning to get a Blackberry or similar device on my next cell phone upgrade so I can set up alerts to the times of the day and get online to pray the LOTH. I believe that we as Catholics can use all this technology to keep connected to each other in communal prayer. And yes, I am a Traditional Catholic. Hope this helps CSUNGerrie.

I purchased a copy of the Rosary in Latin from Pro Multis Media. I downloaded it onto my computer then onto my mp3 player.

Pro Multis Media also has a DVD of the Scriptural Rosary. Its beautiful and I would highly recommend it.

If this appeals to you just “google” Pro Multis Media.


Thanks corsair for the suggestion. I was hoping for a free down load since Im as broke as an outdated protestant sect.


There’s a Holy Land Rosary on EWTN ( hosted by Father Mitch Pacwa everyday @ 4:30am PST on the North American feed.

Here’s a link.

If you get EWTN on your TV you can tape/DVR all of the Mysteries so you can pray whenever you want, or you can purchase the DVD.


This great pictures, thank you for sharing them. I will return to post the picture on this forum and you’ll find them great.

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