Pray that I may overcome my habitual laziness


I have had a problem with time management my whole life, and it is very hard for me to start a task, especially in my schoolwork. Due to this laziness, I also feel I am not devoting enough of myself to God, and allowing myself to be tempted. Once I do get to the task, I think I also get too scrupulous and try to be perfect at every task. Pray that I may recognize and use the gifts and talents God has given to me.

That’s all I can say for now. Please pray for me, even though I know this may seem like a simple problem. I know others have much more complex and difficult struggles. For me though, I have struggled with this mightily my whole life, and it has been the root of all my troubles.

Thank you for your prayers


Schoolwork huh? It might be good to recognize that you will never get your work perfectly done, but that by not putting in your best effert, you are cheating yourself of many learning opportunities.

I could probably use this advice, too:p


Laziness or boredom?

Sometimes, really intelligent people are bored with everyday task. Be creative.

Father, you know the problems that your servant needs help with. You alone can give them the strength to complete their task. We come to you as your humble servants asking for your deliverance from this problem Father. In Jesus name we pray… AMEN


I will keep you in my prayers with my two granddaughters, that are in college.It is good that you can recognize the issue and talk about it,good for you!!! Do some talking to GOD while your doing your schoolwork.Remember the LORD knows our heart


Will keep you in daily prayer that Our Lady of Perpetual Help will intercede powerfully for you. Never give up on prayer and that The Lord will indeed answer you - His Way and His Time. I have struggled in the past with time management and scruples.


Praying for you…


Manila, I pray that our Father Almighty may fill you with the motivation to complete tasks to the best of your ability in which will be pleasing to your teachers. I pray for you to be able to receive great results so that you may move forward in all aspects.

I also have problems with time management in regards to both school work and my regular job (which disasterously I can work from home eeeeep!). What I do is set myself small, achievables. I often get distracted by the internet or reading, or completing “fun” activities.

I suggest you make a deal with yourself. Study for one full 30 min, have a 15 min break, do it again for another 30 min… Don’t study for more than 2 hours a day (unless you have a big assignment) and do an equal amount of leisure activities. (But do the work first!! It’s so easy to get caught up in leisure.)

God has bestowed so many amazing talents upon you and I am sure that he would love for you to use them in whatever way you can. Don’t ever be discouraged or put off by work, because it all pays off in the end!! =)


Sweet Jesus,

In your name this day I ask that the temptation of distraction and idleness be removed from Manila. Rid her of the desire to dawdle, maintain her mind in order and her thoughts in order so that she can obtain the daily goals you have for her. Not only in her work but that she can also manage some small amount of time for prayer time with you. As your daughter, I ask this on behalf of Manila. The enemy wants to keep us in a state of confusion and bumbling to distract us from the tasks that would bring us closer to you. Help Manila focus more on her tasks by increasing her focus on You. Sweet Jesus and Our Lady of Perpetual Help, daily grant this young lady the grace to start and finish those things that will help her manage her life.



Here is an update to those who may be following my trivial situation: I am seriously contemplating withdrawing from college. I feel I don’t have the determination and skills to succeed at this moment. I don’t feel very good about this decision, but I think this is the best thing to relieve the stress and pressure I’m under. I’m also concerned that in the upcoming years this will make me more likely to be drafted. I don’t know what to do, and I have prayed much, yet I guess no reply. Keep me in your prayers, the few who read this please!!


Think carefully before you make such a big decision and seek advice. Have you been medically checked and are sure that your “laziness” is not symptomatic of something medical? I am keeping you in daily prayer.
If something is worrying one its not trivial, it is a worry that needs to be addressed…so rest easy!


Does your school have a chaplain or a counsellor? See them first, before making such a drastic decision.

I strongly encourage you to do your best to finish your education - knowledge is power.


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