Pray that I would be forgiven by the members of CAF


Hi everyone. Could you all please pray that I would be forgiven by the members of CAF? I recently changed my profile to say that I was a fundamentalist Baptist but as I read the truth, I decided to come back to the Catholic Church. Unfortunately, I fear that I have offended someone by my questions. Please pray for me that I would receive forgiveness by anyone who I have offended.


O Mother of God, Mary most Holy, please pray to thy Divine Son Jesus Christ for Holly, that she may receive the fullness of the Grace of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in Jesus’s name, AMEN.

Holly, I don’t know who you may have offended, but I’m sure that no one here is mad at you, and welcome back !!

Love ya,


Holly please know that we all here at CAF love and care about you. May the Lord bless you!




Thank you everyone. :slight_smile:


That was a short trip. Welcome back, Holly!


I’m not offended.


Welcome back!


I’ll keep praying for you Holly.
Welcome home.



Your OP was on Nov 5, it seems like two days later you went back to the fundementalist Baptist Church (according to your homepage), but your profile indicates that you are Orthodox Catholic.

I would advice posters here to check your homepage as it seems that you have a problem of changing churches very often. Perhaps that’s what we should pray for. For you to find truth and stick with it.

Well, praying for you.
God bless


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