"Pray that my sacrifice and yours may be acceptable to God"


When the priest says this during Mass, what is our sacrifice? Is it different than the priests’ sacrifice of the Eucharist? Like if we did penance and gave up coffee for that week let’s say? Or is our sacrifice also the Eucharist? The priest on EWTN daily Mass talked about this this morning but I did not understand what he was saying.


The priest’s Sacrifice IS the Eucharist. He, in persona Christi, is the only one who can offer that sacrifice.

Our Sacrifice is ourselves, we offer ourselves, our wills, our intellects, our Faith, in participation of the common priesthood of the Baptized.

They are two separate sacrifices, which is why the text was clarified. We do not offer what the priest offers, and he (as Christ) does not offer what we do.

I’d recommend Pope Benedict’s book, “The Spirit of the Liturgy”. It is an excellent resource on the theology of the Mass.


Correct me if I am wrong, but this sort of ties into the Roman Canon where the priest states:

For them,
we offer you this sacrifice of praise
or they offer it for themselves
and all who are dear to them:
for the redemption of their souls,
in hope of health and well-being,
and paying their homage to you,
the eternal God, living and true.

Our reasons for offering the sacrifice include other intentions than those of the priest. And in the same way, our sacrifice includes things other than What is on the altar.


One of the greatest liturgists to ever live, Dom Prosper Gueranguer, had this to say in 1885:

Orate,fratres, ut meum ac vestrum sacrificium acceptabile fiat apud Deum Patrem Omnipotentem. …] he recommends himself to the prayers of the Faithful, in order that this Sacrifice, which belongs, at once, both to Priest and people, may be pleasing unto God.

The Sacrifice is the Priest’s, for he is the direct agent therein; the Sacrifice belongs to the Faithful, because Jesus Christ instituted it for their particular profit; see now why it is that the Priest lays such stress upon these words: meum ac vestrum sacrificium.

For the very same reason, likewise, he re-awakens the attention of the Faithful, urging them more and more to earnestness; for it behoves them not to forget, that they too have a share in the Priesthood, as says St. Peter, calling the Faithful a kingly Priesthood, regale sacerdotium (1 S. Peter ii. 9), by the mere fact that they are Christians.

They come from Christ, they belong to Christ, they have been anointed, and by their very baptism have become other Christs; needs must be, therefore, that they too hold the power of offering Sacrifice in union with the Priest.


What is the source, please? Is it online?


Some of it is here as well, about a third of the way down:


The entire thing is a very good read, by the way.


Some of it is here as well, about a third of the way down:


By the way, the entire thing is a very good read IMO.


I found it on the website of the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius - link.

They have other great resources.


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