Pray that we get this house in nice community


I know this is not critical like many of the prayer intentions on this forum. I am asking though for a little help that my wife and I and our kids are able to buy a particular house in a very nice Los Angeles community with good schools (nice as in clean cut and conservative, not richy and chic…). This is a house we could envision living in for the rest of our lives if God allows it.:o

we put in an offer and are waiting for the results. we can’t afford much more than our first offer so please help us with your prayers if you have time after some of the more important (i.e. life-threatening and soul-threatening) prayers you may be doing.

Thank you!


Jesus please grant this prayer for the well-being of Carthusianish’s family. Please ensure them this safe and suitable environment in the house they wish to purchase.
Please fill this family with Your blessings. Thank You, Jesus


Praying for your success in buying this house!


Praying for your intention…


Prayers to St. Joseph.


Thank you all for your prayers!

The first round did not end up very successful. BUT: I am not giving up. They rejected our offer just outright – very unprofessional. But we are going to sell our place first and then see if it is still on the market in however long it takes to sell our townhouse. The place is overpriced and in bad shape so i think there is a chance it will still be around in this down market.

Please continue to pray if you don’t mind – I have my St Joseph Prayer and Statue all set. Hopefully there is still a chance to make this work. I am normally not this obsessed about things like this, though it is about our home and possible future home – my wife and kids and I would live the rest of our lives here.

Thanks again!



Read Psalm 37, Verses 3-4


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