Pray the rosary with us!

My intension for 09 is to increase the number of people praying the rosary. I have experience the rosary everyday for over the last years. People don’t understand what the rosary can do. But you must try and pray it and see the results of how powerful this prayer is to everyone soul and mind and body. I have prayed the rosary almost every night and I barely missed a night of praying it. (It has happen that I have because so tried I would not refuse to pray the rosary)

I want everyone especially people who have never prayed the rosary before to start praying it now. Leave a comment in this form saying you prayed the rosary today it will result in more people praying the rosary and joining in!!

Hi Brady :wave: Good topic. Thanks for starting it. :thumbsup:

I’ve been praying the Rosary (15 decades a day) every day… for the last 3 years. And I agree, wholeheartedly… about the graces one receives from this devotion. Through the Mercy of God… and the Intercession of Our Blessed Mother… the Rosary makes our souls much stronger… and more able to resist sin and temptation.

It is a wonderful way… to meditate on the Life of Our Blessed Lord, while honoring His Beloved Mother. It’s a WIN-WIN!

Hope everyone will get in the habit! May God bless.

I prayed the Rosary today, 15 decades. I sometimes don’t pray as appropriately as I would like and St. Louis Marie Grignon de Montfort recommends, but I think that St. Padre Pio said that if you stop whenever you lose track or make a mistake you’d never finish and St. Louis Marie Grignon de Montfort says if you sincerely try it is a-ok!. :wink:

Great thread! :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Praying the rosary is the way I end every night.
You are right, Brady–I have found no other peace like it.


I know the Rosary is a powerful prayer and am surrounded by people that pray the Rosary daily,but I have not made it a daily habit:blush: . I love the prayer. Our Parish has prayed the Rosary in the Church before EVERY weekend Mass for 23 years and before and after every daily Mass. Our parish is very devoted to the Blessed Mother and since 2005 has had Perpetual Adoration in the JPII Adoration Chapel. Many Rosaries are said there daily in the quiet presence of our Lord. I will make a new effort to pray this prayer that is SO powerful. May you all be clothed in the warmth of the Sacred Heart of Mary as you journey to the Father.Amen:signofcross:

i prayed 5 decades today as i pray one set of mysteries a day, my goal is to eventually pray all 20 decades a day :slight_smile:

thnx for the comment guys :slight_smile:

so anyone else thinking about starting to pray the rosary ???

Said2 driving 2 hours in the car today to pick daughter up at college!!! Thx for the reminder.:wink:

If you would like to pray it as a group, you are welcome to use Agape Catholic chat room. It has voice chat, as long as someone has a DSL or other highspeed server you can use the voice. The group that prays in there usually is a late night group and we have prayed the St. Bridget Prayers, the Rosary, and some others over voice chat for years now. God bless you all!

thats good :slight_smile:

thanks for the link !!! :thumbsup:

For my Lenten sacrafice, I will take 15 minuites out of my day to pray the rosary. I want to be closer to our Blessed Mother. She has done so much for me.


I am also a frim believer in the Rosary and have tried to pray every day for the past 5 years.I read recently that when Our Lady appeared to a Sacristan in Nicaragua in 1980, the faithful was asked to pray the Rosary with greater focus on Meditation on extracts of the Bible which we call the Mysteries.I find that meditation while praying the Rosary prevents distraction and straying of the mind.The Rosary may take longer than 15 minutes but will be more meaningful.

Mary has told us that the rosary will create world peace on earth…keep on praying guys for peace especally in the holy land :slight_smile:

I am going to try, try try to pray the Rosary more. Honestly, I never have really liked it (and I am 57). But I know it has power and I know it is pleasing. A blogger (theanchoressonline) has said that every night before she prays the rosary, she asks some of the saints and holy men and women of God to join with her. I love the saints, so I think I will try this.

Good for you :slight_smile: :thumbsup: try asking Mary to help you grow strong with the rosary. Then you will not be able to stop praying it. It will bring so much peace and happiness to you…good luck :wink: i feel more happer now knowing someone going to pray the rosary :slight_smile:

I have prayed the rosary last night and today in Mass. I am really trying to do it every day.

Thank you for your encouraging message…
I’m a Lutheran. I pray the Rosary often. I think it’s a wonderful devotion. Many Lutherans pray the Rosary. :slight_smile:

God bless,

I love praying this as well. I prayed five decades daily. Sometimes I get to pray all the 15 or 20 decades, depending on the time.

Please do not pray the Rosary during Mass.The Mass is the Ultimate prayer and should have our FULL attention. praying the Rosary during Mass takes something away from the Mass because our attention is divided. Ask a Spiritual director or a priest about this if this is unclear. I am glad you pray the Rosary, but before or after Mass is a good time to pray it.
God Bless:wave:

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