Pray this prayer and you will receive many graces from heaven as a promise from Jesus Christ!


Ok I know it’s long. This prayer is one of the finest gifts our lord has given to us on earth. Our lord wants us to say it each day for the rest of our lives. If you say this prayer you will receive exceptional praise and graces from heaven and when you died. When Teresa was receiving these appearances from Jesus. A number of times the devil had appeared to her to discontinue the prayer been said. And to fool her into that she didn’t see Jesus and even the devil appeared to looking like Jesus one. He tried anyone to scary her
Pray this prayer and you will receive many graces from heaven as a promise from Jesus Christ!!


The 12 promises that Jesus has told Teresa Helena Higginson for anyone that say this prayer each day the link ; **

the story about Teresa Helena Higginson link ;

***** the prayer on the 12 promises website is not the full prayer to our lords. The prayer i include is the full prayer ***


Lord have mercy on us, Christ have mercy on us Lord have mercy on us. Christ hear us, Christ Graciously hear us.

God the Father of Heaven, Have mercy on us
God the Son Redeemer of the World Have mercy on us.
God the Holy Spirit, have mercy on us.
Sacred Head of Jesus formed by the Holy Spirit in the womb of the Virgin Mary

(after each invocation say GUIDE US IN ALL OUR WAYS)

[LIST]Sacred Head of Jesus Substantially United to the Word of God.
Sacred Head of Jesus Temple of Divine Wisdom Sacred Head of
Jesus, Centre of Eternal Light Sacred Head of Jesus Tabernacle
of Divine Knowledge
Sacred Head of Jesus Safeguard against error Sacred Head of
Jesus Sunshine of Heaven and Earth Sacred Head of Jesus
Treasure of Science and Pledge of Faith
Sacred Head of Jesus Radiant with Beauty, and Justice and Love
Sacred Head of Jesus Full of Grace and Truth Sacred Head of
Jesus Living Witness of Humility Sacred Head of Jesus Reflecting
the Infinite Majesty of God,
Sacred Head of Jesus Centre of the Universe Sacred Head of
Jesus Object of the Father’s joyous Satisfaction
Sacred Head of Jesus upon which the Holy Spirit Rested
Sacred Head of Jesus Around which the Glory of Mount Tabor
Sacred Head of Jesus Who had no place on earth on which to
Sacred Head of Jesus Whom the Fragrant Anointing of Magdalen
Sacred Head of Jesus Bathed with the Sweat of Blood in
Sacred Head of Jesus who Wept for our Sins Sacred Head of Jesus Crowned with Thorns
Sacred Head of Jesus Outraged by the Indignities of the Passion
Sacred Head of Jesus Consoled by the loving gesture of Veronica
Sacred Head of Jesus Bowed to the earth which was Redeemed
at the moment of death on Calvary
Guide us in all our ways.
Sacred Head of Jesus Light of every being born on earth,
Sacred Head of Jesus Our Guide and our Hope Sacred Head of
Jesus Who knows all our Needs Sacred Head of Jesus Who
gives Us All Graces Sacred Head of Jesus that Governs all the motions of the Sacred Heart
Sacred Head of Jesus Whom we wish to adore and make known through the World
Sacred Head of Jesus Who knows all the secrets of our heartsSacred Head of Jesus Who enraptures and Angels and Saints,
Sacred Head of Jesus Who one day we hope to be unveiled forever,
Jesus we Adore Your Sacred Head; We surrender Utterly to All Degrees of Your Infinite Wisdom [/LIST]


…anyone praying this prayer ??? plx


My first thought is that I’m deeply suspicious - as should anyone be - of any purported revelation which has Our Blessed Lord directly threatening His wrath upon those who do not do what the ‘seer’ commands.

No Catholic is EVER bound to believe in or follow such private revelations - even after they are investigated and declared WORTHY of belief (but never required belief) by the Church.

The Magisterium of the church, the supreme arbiter of matters of faith and morals, of has taught us that none of them are necessary to our salvation, beneficial though they may be.

This “revelation” goes against everything that experience has taught us to expect of Our Lord and Our Lady when they appear. Where are the threats of wrath from Our Lady against those who do not believe in Fatima or Lourdes? Where are Our Lord’s threats against those who do not adopt the devotion to the Sacred Heart or pray the Divine Mercy chaplet?

Secondly - is this an approved revelation? Was the seer formally investigated and approved by her local bishop at least? I note the Imprimaturs, which would appear to have been given by a Vicar General in one instance - which are NOT the same thing as approval of the revelation. If not, you may be contravening forum policy by promoting it here.


First listen to your self… what you have just said is preposterous and imperceptive. Ok… I don’t know if it’s really true…but I believe I will take a opportunity of saying the prayer… Rather than wait until I’m dead to find out was it indisputably or not. And secondly it will not do anyone any obliteration in saying the prayer…it not like your saying a prayer to the devil are you…?? lol.

Just examine the full story on Teresa Helena Higginson please before you compose more imperceptive remarks…even the local catholic priest even believed in her that was her.I posted this common for anyone to say it if they desire to. We know that Teresa Helena Higginson is dead now. But it doesn’t mean what the devil wished to happen would occur to this day… so we must continue to spread the word more. As i have said in the above text ‘it will not do anyone any obliteration in saying the prayer.’


You don’t need to wait until you’re dead to find out the truth about such matters - Christ left us with a Church that can and does teach us the truth now.

That Church has taught us His truth - it has taught that belief in a Christ who will inflict His wrath upon you for not following private revelations, such as those possibly made to Ms Higginson, IS wrong. That error is what you risk by believing in these so-called promises.

It (the Church) has taught us that we are not risking the loss of any good thing, by sticking to those private revelations which have been approved and endorsed by our Popes and Bishops. There are many such, and if you or I spent the rest of our lives simply saying the prayers and making the devotions that are contained within these approved revelations we’d never have enough time to finish. Let alone worrying about unapproved ones.

The Church teaches moreover that even IF we ignore these approved private revelations, we are STILL not risking the loss of anything that is necessary for our personal salvation or that of mankind in general, which is why no private revelation is binding upon the faithful or required belief by them. Everything that is necessary, and probably much more than is strictly necessary, for our salvation is already contained in the public revelation entrusted to and proclaimed infallibly by the Church, which was complete at the death of St John the Evangelist.


I have it and will pray it. Thank you,


**PLEASE READ THE BELOW TEXT…what I have said is more than TRUTHFUL and EXACT. It is justifies clearly in the below passage and on the web links of the history of St. Teresa. And please pray this prayer now **

“Fr. Canon Snow, her Spiritual Director for over 20 years collected all her letters and many others eye witness accounts. Canon Snow was convinced that Teresa was not only a saint but one of the greatest saints raised up. He pointed out that Teresa was essentially a contemplative saint rather than an active one. She never did any outwardly great works; she was always weak and feeble and suffered without ceasing. Teresa’s cause for canonisation went to Rome in 1937 and it reached the stage of her being declared ‘Servant of God’. The church of St. Alexander, where she was told would become a place of pilgrimage was firebombed in May 1941.”

In Wigan, The Devil was heard throwing her out of bed and made various noises, which frightened the others. The women came to realise her strange fits were states of ecstasy – ‘darts of love’ in which her body would go rigid and nobody could move her or her body became soft and light. She would come out of the ecstasy by command of the parish priest”

“Her fellow teachers realised Teresa was privileged with the Stigmata as they first noticed bleeding from her hands and feet on Good Friday 1874, the Stigmata appeared at various times over the years but disappeared altogether on her deathbed.”

**St. Teresa Helena Higginson pray for us. Amen **


we need more prayers …!! come on people pray this prayer :slight_smile: :highprayer:




Thanks! I have it in my Pieta booklet. I will pray it.


Thanks…:smiley: :thumbsup:


Glory to Him only and Amen: kallogjeri from ALBANIA



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