Pray to-night for Elizabeth who is seeking faith

Please, anyone who reads this, pray for a friend of mine - the name is Elizabeth - who is seeking faith. May she find it!


The girl’s name Elizabeth \e-lizabe-th, el(i)-za-beth\ is pronounced ee-LIZ-a-beth. It is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is “God’s promise”.

For Elizabeth to understand the true meaning of her own name, we pray to the lord.:gopray2:

Can do. Major knee time tonite for me:D



Prayers for Elizabeth!!

Sending lotsa prayers!!!:wink:

Jesus said

Knock and the door shall be opened.
Seek and you shall find.

I trust in God with all my heart, and I know that the prayer he always said yes to, is for the gift of faith.

May Elizabeth come to know and trust God as much as her namesake.

God Bless you for asking for our prayers.
In Jesus name

Thank you all for your prayers.

I am afraid that I must add more intentions to this same girl:

Her boyfriend (a secularist, atheist, relativist and “objectivist”) is apparently trying to induce her into his philosophy. Presumably blinded by love (or whatever) she seems to be taking this bait hook, line and sinker.

She formerly had a very solid moral code, but this is becoming shaky, and I fear for the worst.

This boy will achieve nothing (as they are destined to be four hours apart in three months) except the utter destruction of her soul, so I fear. Perhaps through his conversion (his name is Alex), she may find faith.

Pray for both, then.

Surrounded as I am by such people I understand your concern. This are difficult times and it’s easy for people to lose faith by the distraction and selfishness that this society is constantly leading us to. But our God is much bigger than that.

Lord Jesus. You who loves us so much that you never give up, even when we want to. You who calls to us, even when we refuse to hear. We ask you to soften the hardest hearts and to lead those who are in the deepest pits out into the light of your love. Call Alex, Lord. Soften his heart. And when he calls out to you, whether in desperation, or even as a question “Lord do you exist” Answer him so loudly that as St. Paul. he will be struck strongly. It is often those who argue against you the loudest who fight for you the hardest after they receive the gift of faith. We all ask this is Your Name, united forever as one God, with the Father and the holy Spirit. AMEN!

I will pray for Elizabeth.

Praying for Elizabeth. :gopray:

I will pray for Elizabeth that she may find faith and joy in the Lord

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