I am a Catholic, ex-atheist, and ex-church hopper.

I see the wide chasm between Protestants and Catholics. I see new sects of Protestantism popping up all over the place, which is leading to futher disintigration of Christian Unity.

All claim to be righ, but all have different interpretations of what is right.

So in an attempt to come to some sort of unity, I ask all Protestants and Catholics here to pray for Christian unity.

We obviously can’t come to a consensus on our own, let us sincerely ask Jesus to open our hearts and help find unity.


Amen to that–may the One who is Truth bind us together in truth, sharpening our brains, opening our eyes, and softening our hearts; let the chips fall where they may. Ut unum sint, Lord Jesus.




Of course

In our local church we pray for Christian Unity at every benediction (meaning three times a week)


While Christian unity is a wonderful concept, is it possible.

To achieve unity among disagreeing factions each must compromise.

If a Catholic person gives up a piece of Catholicism to achieve unity with Protestants, you will no longer have pure Catholicism.

Is giving up partial beliefs in order to unify what you want?


You’ve got it wrong. I believe when we pray for unity, we do want all to see the whole truth and that we all agree upon this. It is not about compromising - it will defeat the purpose.


Unity seems to be impossible for humans. That is why we must pray for God’s help.

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