Prayer after Rosary

Please help me understand this.

In the that last prayer at the end of a Rosary… “Oh God, whose only begotten Son” … we go on to say “we may imitate what they contain and obtain what they promise” referring to the mysteries of the Rosary.

What exactly does this mean to you?

Okay, “imitate what they contain” I can somewhat handle… most of the mysteries I can imagine some way I should imitate them. But what about the “obtain what they promise” … what do they promise? Only very few could I reason what this means. Christ’s Death - may we obtain the promise of salvation from his death. … Carrying of the Cross - may we obtain the promise that he would help us carry ours… etc.

I’m really only guessing though. Has anybody else spent more time meditating on this? Please enlighten me.


To my way of thinking (I could be wrong), I believe it is praying that we may respond as Jesus did to those most important aspects of His life. We christians go through times of joy and sorrow. Other times luminous and glorious. Our walk must reflect His walk.

Along with each decade there is a mystery to meditate upon and a fruit to obtain. That is what the prayer is referring to. For instance, the mystery of the Visitation of Mary is “fraternal charity”. By praying the prayers and meditating on the mystery we hope to obtain the virtue of fraternal charity, by putting it into action, such as helping our neighbor in need or being part of a service organization, and so on. With each decade we pray for a fruit we will act upon in imitation of Jesus and Mary.

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