Prayer and advice

Hey everyone. I’m looking for some prayer and some advice.

Tomorrow I go in to talk to a local priest about becoming a Catholic. I don’t know quite what to expect. I’m sure it will go fine, but I’d appreciate some prayers.

Thank you :gopray2:

I’ve never been in that position, so I can’t offer any advice. But, I will pray for you!! Good luck.


I’m a Catholic returning to the Church after many years, and just met with the local priest last week for almost the same reason you are. It took me several months to work up the courage to go see him, but when I finally did, I was so relieved. I’ll pray for you as you take this very important step on your journey, one which I know will lead you to a peace you’ve never had.


I will pray for you also as you go into this meeting.

Do you know anything about the priest or the parish? Hopefully he is someone you have met and feel comfortable with, and if this is not the case, then hopefully he will help you feel comfortable.

Just be candid. If you don’t know why you are called to the Catholic church, then tell him so. If he asks you a question that you don’t have the answer to, the tell him you don’t know and will think about it. Hopefully this is a priest with whom you can generate a spiritual relationship.

I have always been Catholic so I also don’t know how this type of meeting goes. I will pray that it goes very well.

Welcome home! You have a very loving family here!

Just got back!

Really nice guy. Old, balding, but full of wisdom and compassion. We chatted about different perspectives on the Catholic church, and how they result in different mass types, and if I don’t like this church, that doesn’t mean I don’t like the Catholic church, just the way it is presented in this church.

My mom wanted me to ask him if he believes my parents are saved. He said people are saved by sincerity of there belief. If you converted from Catholicism to another church with a sincere heart, and you live with the fruits of the Holy Spirit, then yes you are saved. It all depends on how sincere you are. Our God is a compassionate God, not a damning God.

He explained it better, but I can’t remember all that he said. Then, he blessed me and I left. Very awesome! :dancing:

I’m glad you had such a good experience! :bounce: God Bless! :slight_smile:

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