Prayer and Bible Reading Poll


Do you pray to God more or read the Bible more?

Vote and explain your answer.


I definitely pray more. I pray almost constantly, really. I do try to read the Bible every day, though I haven’t done well with that recently. It’s easier for me to pray and i can do it anytime, which is good because I’m always busy and usually in the van driving somewhere. :blush: I have a rosary on cd for the van, though.


I read the Bible, pray before I read the Bible, and pray after reading the Bible.

I also pray while I’m reading the bible.


I pray much more than I read. I do both daily, just more time in prayer is all. Hard to break open Scripture at work, but not hard to say Hi to God.


I have “morning devotions” where I read selected passages of scripture and pray. I pray throughout the day. I have scripture study books over the course of a month or so which I am also engaged in, plus the scripture study group I meet with every Friday.

My “devotions” differ once in a while…I “pray the scriptures” sometimes throughout the liturgical year.

I learned about the concept of “praying” the scripture from Richard Foster’s book “Prayer”.

I use other books to help me in my prayer life as well…I like the devotionals based on Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s works “Letters and Papers from Prison” and Thomas Kelly’s book “Testament of Devotion” too.

My goal is to spend time each day in prayer and scripture study…even if it’s for a short time each day…usually in the morning hours…I’m an early riser.


I Pray the Divine Office so I guess that means i read the Bible and pray?


Sounds like it to me.


We started on Revelations today in OOR-one of my favorite sequences


What is OOR?


Office of Readings, My favorite of “The Hours”


I also pray the office which is basically reading the Bible and praying at the same time. I also try to read passages of the Bible at least once during the day. In addition to that I say other prays thoughout the day.

I would say I pray more.


I pray more.
I really need to up the amount of time I spend reading the Bible, though. For some reason, it just seems more natural for me to pray a lot, & read somewhat less. (Instead of “reading” a huge amount, leaving myself with not nough time for prayer).
I think the reason is that, since I have been here at CAF especially, there are so many prayer requests that need prayer, that it leaves less time than I would like for Bible reading.
But I should be doing both. (More!!)


I should get back to doing the Divine Office; I used to like it. I can’t remember why I stopped doing it.

I love to pray the Scriptures the way I was taught by the Jesuits. :slight_smile:


I tend to read the Bible more than I pray. I think I SHOULD pray more than I read though.


i pray twice everyday, not have not read a bible for a long time. Very bad of me.


How about praying the Psalms? I like to do that. The Psalms are prayers, and they are definitely from the Bible.


I pray a morning prayer, rosary, divine mercy, evening prayer, and do novena’s following the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet…

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