"Prayer and holy anger!": French Cathoilcs protest gay "marriage" outside nation's Senate


As the French Senate is moving towards the approval of a bill to create homosexual “marriage” and adoption, pro-family Catholics are organizing daily protests on the streets outside, vowing to stay the course despite complaints from the bill’s proponents.

The Civitas Institute, a group dedicated to defending the historically Catholic values of France, has been holding marches and demonstrations outside of the Senate building since April 4. Their slogan – “Neither balloons nor blare - prayer and holy anger!” – contrasts their openly religious approach with the more secular marches organized by other groups.

We need to pray for the leaders in France – that they will be enlightened as to the truth about marriage, and do the right thing.

Sadly, the recent Marriage March in Washington, D.C. was covered only minimally in the U.S. media, and seemed to be portrayed as a “ho hum” event. Catholics in the U.S., where is your righteous anger?
We need to beg the clergy in the U.S. to fan the flames from the pulpit – to teach Catholics why we must preserve true marriage, and rally U.S. Catholics to prayer and holy anger to fight the movement toward same sex “marriage” in the U.S.

I strongly support traditional marriage, but I worry when I hear the term “righteous anger.” I think it’s a fine line between being righteous and being self-righteous. For that reason, I try to control my impulses towards anger of any kind. While righteousness is something to strive for, anger is clearly marked as a sin. When Christ cleansed the temple, remember that he did so as the Son of God, not just as a man.

I’m not saying you are wrong to feel anger at how we, and our beliefs, are perceived in the world today - I just know that for me, once I start down the path of anger it escalates too far too often. I will certainly pray for our leaders to see wisdom and open their hearts to the Truth. Even if they don’t, I will pray that we have the courage to stand by our faith and not give into social pressure - no matter what the world says is right or wrong.

I think that social conservatives are still a tad depressed right now from the 2012 election, but I’ve got a few pick-me ups in my sleeve :smiley:

“Righteousness” merely means “being RIGHT before God” – being HOLY – and the phrase righteous anger was clearly another phrase for holy anger. We MUST be angry about the efforts of the secular world to redefine marriage. It’s the effort to destroy marriage that’s the huge sin, not any anger which may propel us to defend marriage.

The problem is the other side is even angrier. I’m not gay but given the kind of bad rep we now have from how we’ve treated them, using anger just makes things worse at this point.

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