Prayer and Penance for the Dutch Dominicans

In another thread I posted a disturbing article about the heretical Dutch Dominicans who have created their own “Mass” where the congregation elects a lay “presider” in place of the priest who, along with the congregation, says the words of consecration. They concelebrate with Protestants and allow anyone to accept their “Eucharist”. The Dominican superiors in Rome have only given a weak and futile statement that calls for “theological reflection” and offers no plan of action. The Holy See has yet to acknowledge the situation.

Needless to say, this matter has caused great insult to Our Lord in the true Blessed Sacrament and has already corrupted many souls. As the laity, we can respond to this through prayer and penitence.

I propose that tomorrow, Friday October 5th, we abstain from food in penance for the penance for the sins of the Augustinian canons in Nijmegen, the Dutch Dominicans, and the Dominican superiors in Rome, and in reparation for the insults the Blessed Sacrament has suffered from their sins and heresies. In addition, we can pray the Rosary and offer our intentions at Holy Mass specifically for this purpose and for God’s mercy on the Church.

I hope Pope Benedict takes action against them soon.

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