Prayer and Saint recommendations?


I posted previously, that I am a new catholic, well I like to consider myself one. I’m not confirmed or anything, but for about 2 months or more now I have been one in spirit, reading about catholicism on here and other sites. I started learning the rosary and praying it consistently and have never felt more secure, loved and happy.

If anyone knows any particular saints or prayers that they think it would be worth knowing, I would be grateful to hear of them. I think so far the story of Saint Bernadette has been the most helpful to me.

I’ve read breifly on Padre Pio, Saint Maria Gorretti, St Faustina. I’ve also read about the fatima children, the zeitoun apparition and “our lady of guadloupe.” I’m still reading St faustinas diary writing.

For prayers I know all the ones of the rosary, angel of god and st michael the arch angel.


St. Maximilian Kolbe


St. Bakhita

These are two I would recommend. I had never heard of St. Bakhita until watching a video about her. I will have to read more about her.

God bless


St. Therese of Lisieux! :heart: I guarantee if you read her autobiography, The Story of a Soul, you will catch the Little Flower Fever that so many Catholics have. I adore her–she helped me really understand what a relationship with Jesus can be like, and her writing is nice too. And I have had wonderful experiences with her intercessory prayer.

I could go on about all my favorite heavenly friends, but for you and your current situation, I would recommend introducing yourself to saints such as John the Baptist and Margaret Clitherow, both patron saints of converts. Margaret is someone I especially admire, since she was one of the forty martyrs of England and Wales.

Others I would recommend in general: Gemma Galgani, Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows, Helena, Germaine Cousin, and Teresa de los Andes.

Oops. I almost forgot you wanted some prayers. I love the rosary (even though I’m a bit lazy in doing it) and the Hail Holy Queen and Hail, Star of the Ocean -->


Thanks for the replies, I just read about Saint Therese of Lisieux and Saint Maximilian Kolbe, I’ll check out the others.

Are there many other saints from the 1900’s till current time?


Yes; here are four more contemporary ones:

St. Raphael Kalanowski -

Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity -

St. Gaetano Catanoso - (there’s a lovely new book out about him and his family entitled My Cousin the Saint.)

St. Edith Stein -


My own suggestion and opinion is to not rush it, just read about the saints and/or read their books, and see what happens. Often you will get an “ah ha!” moment.

Or you might pick a patron saint to help you with a particular problem In my case, the Venerable Matt Talbot. OK, not quite a full saint yet, but on his way


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