Prayer at Western Wall

Is it wrong for a Christian to pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem?

I know it was a Jewish place of worship originally, but given that it is the remains of the Second Temple, is it fine to pray there?

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No. Did it myself and so did just about everybody on the Catholic tour I was on.
It’s part of a place where Jesus worshipped, You’re praying where Jesus prayed.
Just be respectful of Jewish customs when you pray, like men pray at one part and women at another part.
Actually praying there was one of the highlights of my trip.


I would love to go myself, but I wasn’t sure if it was ok to pray there. Thanks for the answer.

Pope St. John Paul II answered your question, twenty years ago.



And Pope Francis too more recently…



Don’t forget Pope Benedict…


I was there when I was 10 years old, after undergoing a spiritual martyrdom. I was converted to Judaism against my will (I had gone to Catholic school, made my Communion at the normal age and had a great love for the Faith) and my family temporarily relocated to Israel.

I was told to write a prayer on a piece of paper and stick it in the wall. I did that but I do not at all remember what the prayer was. It was an incredible privilege that I often reflect on when meditating on the Rosary Mysteries involving the Temple.

The Temple is a core feature of our Faith, though theologically it has been moved to Rome. Some of the actual blocks from the Temple are in Saint Peter’s.

(Happy ending to story. I came back to the Faith in fullness at the age of 18, with the encouragement of my future husband. I also providentially met the great theologian Fr. John Hardon around this time and he told me to pray the Rosary every day. This changed my life. Now I post on Catholic Answers :grin:)


I’m glad it worked out well for you. :+1:

Thank you! I should explain the reason we converted was because my mother married a Jewish man after my father died and this is what they decided to do. If you can prove you are Jewish, Israel will grant you special privileges to relocate there.

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I didn’t know that. Thanks for telling me. :open_mouth:

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I really need to add that it’s fine to pray anywhere, anytime, for any reason.


Love your name


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