Prayer before the Rosary


Does anyone say (or remember) this prayer before the Rosary?

Queen of the Holy Rosary,
you have deigned to come to Fatima
to reveal to the three shepherd children
the treasures of grace hidden in the Rosary.
Inspire my heart with a sincere love of this devotion,
in order that by meditating on the Mysteries of our Redemption
which are recalled in it, I may be enriched with its fruits
and obtain peace for the world, the conversion of sinners
and of Russia, and the favor which I ask of you in this Rosary.
I ask it for the greater glory of God, for your own honor,
and for the good of souls, especially for my own. Amen.

When I was young, I didn’t understand the Russia part. Then when I was older, I figured that Russia was not an issue anymore and I was unsure if I should continue to say that part of the prayer. Now in light of the recent events in Russia and Georgia, I’m wondering about that part of the prayer again.

Can anyone shed any light on this for me? What is/was it all about? Thanks.


I’ve never even heard of it before.


I’m pretty sure that originally, it meant we were to pray for the conversion of the communist reign in Russia. I don’t think it would hurt to say the prayer for not only Russia, but the rest of the world, either.:shrug:


I learned this prayer as a child…God Bless those nuns:D and always include it before the rosary. I always say “for the conversion of Russia and the world”. I like to be all conclusive, as it is obvious that the world needs conversion in a big way!!


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