So i was praying today during adoration and I prayed someting a long the lines of that I just would not be bored of prayer. Why is it that prayer can be boring sometimes? It is kind of boring…praying the Rosary or personal prayer…I acutaly prayed to God today that I would not get bored with the faith, the church, and prayer. How do I avoid getting bored while praying? Sometimes during Mass Ill be praying and, that just happens to be the most non-boreing praying time ever. while everyones up during communion, I can often be sitting there and Im praying so intence that I dont care about anything else. That I get so in to it that I just dont want to stop. this happens often before and after I recive the Eucharist. and others, I just feel like im so bored with it, that I sometmes feel awkward…sitting in the chaple…all by my self…bored outa my mind!

anyways…anybody know how I can help my self to just have the energy and the ‘spark’ to help me pray better…I cant stand most scripted prayers…reading them. It drives me nuts because when I read those little prayer books, i feel like its not from the heart…i don tmind the most famous ones, the more common well knowen ones because there stuff you hear all the time…but…its not that i dont know what to pray…its just i find it boreing aactualy doing it…do i make sence?

There is no magic pill or energy drink that will vitalize our prayer life, no matter what the commercials tell you.

I joke.

We all have been there and are there at one point or another. I’m no psychologist, but I can say with the utmost certainty that the reason you are finding prayer boring is because you aren’t dedicating your entire mind, body, and soul into it. You’re thinking about other things, or your comparing the entertainment of other things to the entertainment of the prayer, or you’re just thinking period. Don’t think. Concentrate solely on the words. Clear your mind, and focus on devoting your life and your soul to nothing but God. It takes discipline, but if you do that, you will find it much more enjoyable :slight_smile:

When you pray and feel like you don’t want to, that’s politely called “dry prayer,” not “boring.” :slight_smile: But I know what you mean. First of all, you are not alone. Many, or all, Christians pray without feeling things from their prayer. The goal is union with God, right? Enjoyment is not the goal of prayer, so it isn’t “praying better” by not being bored. I believe that praying despite boredom is a sign of your faithfullness to God. It’s a sacrifice of praise.

I’m not actually answering your question, but I’m trying to say that you aren’t doing anything wrong that needs to be changed. It is good to pray. If it’s boring, then it’s boring, but it’s not bad. If your prayer seems more fruitful before and after receiving the Eucharist, I suggest going to daily Mass as much as you can. But your dry prayers may be fruitful as well, you just don’t know about it. But God knows, and we have so little chance to give to God, in comparison with what He gives to us, that praying throught the boredom is a very powerful gift we give.

Thanks for your post, whitedove, you’ve encouraged me to pray more!

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