Prayer campaign for those who have cancer


This is to let you know that I run a prayer campaign and monthly novenas for those who have cancer. You can enroll people who have cancer in the prayer campaign. Only the person’s first name is required. More details can be found at:


Thank you for your valuable ministry.
Please remember a priest who has prostate cancer.




Please note that I will join my prayers with yours before our Eucharistic Lord for all our brothers and sisters who are suffering with cancer.

Thank you for your wonderful ministry!


Thank you Trishie. The priest will be prayed for in the prayer campaign.


Thank you Chris that is greatly appreciated.


Thank you. I have enrolled Luann in the prayer campaign.


Lord, we place in Your loving care, all who are suffering from cancer.


Thank you, Karenanna, for this wonderful prayer ministry!

Please include my mother, Rita, whose lung cancer has returned and is no longer treatable.


Thank you. I have just enrolled your mother in the
prayer campaign for cancer.


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