Prayer card of Patron of Weight Loss by Father Nadolny


**Catholic Priest Edmund Nadolny of Sacred Heart Church, East Berlin, Connecticut has made a fun weight loss card entitled “Patron of Weight Loss” featuring a photo of Pope John XXIII on one side and a prayer poem on the reverse side of the card.

Two Catholic laypersons each wrote special prayer poems for the card.

Both prayer poems were so good that it was decided to make separate prayer cards for each prayer poem.

To view the new Patron of Weight Loss cards, go to

The cards contain a real healthful message and inspiration to help dieters.

For further information on the cards, contact Father Nadolny at 860-828-0254.**


Our Father in heaven please have compassion on all who are affected by the difficulties that cause excess weight. Please heal the causes and grant the strength and means for them to choose a more healthy life-style and find new joy and purpose in life.

Please grant this Father, in Jesus’ name.


Thank you for the info!!!


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