Prayer Cards

I think I have one, though I’m not sure. (I was walking on a sidewalk when I noticed a religious-looking picture so I picked it up. It has a picture of Jesus with blood and water coming from His heart. On the back is the Divine Mercy Chaplet and a prayer that goes something like “From his heart poured blood and water as a font of mercy for us. Jesus I trust in you.”)

So I guess the question is just how you guys use a prayer card. I’m guessing it’s mostly just to have a physical image to look at and bring to mind, but I’m curious if there are other ways you use them in your prayer life.

You found a prayer card. They are little reminders that we need to pray and help us to pray with the written words on the back. They are often given out at funerals, events, celebrations of the Catholic genr’. They can also be used as bookmarks in your Bible or prayer book. You know, if you have a printer you can make your own prayer cards with something that is spiritual or meaningful to you? Peace.

I saved prayer cards and holy cards for years, and when my grandchildren were small, I put them in baggies and took them to Mass when they went to Mass with me. They loved looking at them, sorting them, etc., which kept them quiet and occupied during Mass.

Great for a prayer on the go, or when praying a particular Novena referenced.
Children collect them like baseball card.
Some are absolutely beautiful.
Our Archdiocese gives them out with pictures of the seminarians to that we will pray for the men in formation. They have literally 1000’as of uses. Looks like you found a nice one!
Start praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. It’s beautiful, easy, and doesn’t take very long.

It is said that does that,pray The Divine Mercy,even the hardest sinner , Jesus will grant them Mercy ,even if said,s it once,hope the man get,s another one. I have one and say, for I,am seeking Jesus.

I use them as additional markers in my breviary. There are never enough ribbons…

I love prayer cards, especially the vintage ones. The really old ones have lace trim that nuns hand cut. :slight_smile:

Great reminders, book marks, handy prayer, etc.

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