*Prayer* Challenge


day 3 - I did it. Ive prayed my rosary for 3 days now… happy times are near!!!
Im doin’ the ‘shakin my bootie’ dance!! woot!!’

Bless you, Paulah! I’m loving this thread. Maybe after this we could start little prayer accountability groups for those who need it. (like me)

awe, ((hugs)) thats the sweetest little note!
I agree, next challenge, we’ll do something a bit different.:smiley:
Heck, Im tickled pink knowing that there are others struggling out there, and we’re helping each other ‘get on the right track’. :smiley:
happy happy day!


forget the page flipping. It is perfectly okay for laity to begin with Sunday week one in the Psalter and just pray the morning and evening prayer every day from Shorter Christian Prayer. The only flipping is to the canticles printed inside the front cover (morning) and back cover (evening). forget the Sundays, feasts and liturgical seasons for now until you get in the groove. don’t worry about week you are in, just pray it every day.

still easier is to pray with Magnificat, morning and evening prayer plus a meditation for each day and the Mass readings. Purse or pocket size, travels well, easy to read and follow, no page flipping.


Just checking in and praying all of you are doing well, too. :slight_smile:

Day 4 (for me)


Indeedly doodly - Morning Prayer, intending evening and night, Rosary and Divine Mercy. Added Morning Mass on top.


day 4 for me was a SUCCESS!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Im excited.
4 consecutive days of praying my rosary!!! I can even feel the gentler, more tamer ME starting to think about surfacing. (did that make sence?)

woohoo! 3 more days and we’ve completed the whole week! I have a funny feeling that Our Lord is doing this: :clapping:


Keep it up! I started saying the rosary last lent as part of my lenten sacrifice. Funny thing is, I just kept saying it. I’ve only missed a few days since then, and on the days I don’t say it, I feel that something is missing. It has just became part of my daily routine, and I don’t want to stop. I have also read St. Louis DeMontford’s book, Secrets of the Rosary. If you read that, you will certainly want to keep saying the rosary.


I want to join ya. I am in a dry time. I used to do at least three hours of adoration and now I am down to one. I am struggling to do one rosary a day. I am pregnant and tired and have used that as an excuse, but really that is all the more reason to pray.


I have found that the best thing for my dry spells is more prayer! Just remember, just 'cause you can’t “feel” it, doesn’t mean something isn’t happening. God is at work in your soul, even if your mind doesn’t know it (yet).

And believe me, I know what you mean by pregnancy affecting your feelings/thoughts! I hope all goes well for you.


I have been in a bit of a dry spell. Just saying a few prayers before meals. Some days managing at most a Decade, most days even less. I had Jury Duty today. Got dismissed at 12:30. I got an entire rosary in. Will try to do the same again tomorrow. Joining this group is a good excuse to get back into regular prayer. Can we get a name for the group like “The Prayer Warriors” or something similar?


Sounds good to me!:slight_smile:


I can’t believe how fast this week is going by! Thank you all for your prayers. I offer mine beside you.

Day 5


Here is a link that I find really helpful



I was privledged to get to go to mass today and said the rosary this morning at 3:00am. I hope to do the chaplete of the five wounds this evening with my children.


Good job getting the kids involved. I have a hard time of that myself. They claim that it’s “boring.” The do like watching Jesus of Nazarath, though, so I figure that’s better than noth’in.


My children love to light a candle after Mass and pray before the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. They also like arranging flowers and giving them to Mary in Honor of their Baby Sister who recently passed away. Another one of their favorite things to do is to tend their St. Theresa flower garden. Just some ideas.


Thank you for sharing these beautiful ideas! I hope to be as good of a mother as you. And I am so sorry for your loss.

Hopefully everybody is doing well today. I’m just checking in on:

Day 6 (hurray!)


awwe, goodness… Im so sorry. ((hugs)) we’re here if you need us, k?

I failed yesterday… :frowning: y’all - Im sorry. :frowning: too many unexpected things transpired at the ‘zoo’

big sigh
today’s a new day… Im dusting off the dirt and gettin’ back on
the road… :thumbsup:

love the idea of naming our group!


Don’t be too hard on yourself. Afterall, prayer doesn’t just have to be a formal prayer. You can pray as you’re folding laundry, doing dishes, driving around town, or whatever. Give yourself credit for all that your do. Also, setting a good example to kids, co-workers, treating others well is an active sort of prayer, too.


Amen to that. Prayer can simply be recognizing that you are not praying enough. That is a prayer.


Good for you! That’s never as easy as it looks, it it? Some days I feel like it takes heroic virtue just to make it through a rosary!

I’m still really glad you started this thread. It has done wonders for me knowing that others are in the same boat with the same struggles.

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