Prayer Commitments - relative or adhered to?


I have prayer commitments: upon rising, morning, afternoon, evening, and night. There are days that I can do all of them with devotion. There are some days where some go well and others do not (meaning that I am not focused or truly present). There are days where they all feel like an item on my to-do list and I do them even if I would prefer not to.

I have 2 thoughts about this. The first is that Saints were disciplined…I do not think that they became saints by just doing things when they were in the mood, when it was convienient, or when they felt like doing things. So I feel that I just need to make a concerted effort and follow through - even if I have to tell God, that I do not feel truly focused or present. Sometimes just asking Him for assistance changes my state and at other times it does not.

My other thought, comes from the concern of vain and repetitive prayer. Is that what I am doing by going through the motions. This would be worse than not praying at all, would it not.


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