Prayer during Communion


Normally when you receive Communion, the priest says “the servant of God receives the body and blood of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and for life everlasting.”

This past weekend I went to a church where the priest said something like “receive the body and blood of Christ for life everlasting.”

Is this permitted? I’ve never experienced this.


Not sure what you mean. When I receive Communion the priest holds up the host in front me and says “the body of Christ”. No other words are spoken by the priest.


I’ve been receiving Communion since 1954 and I’ve never heard either of those .

Which church was it ?


I guess I should have clarified in my post - this is pertaining to Divine Liturgy in the Ruthenian church.

It’s in the Eastern category, but I didn’t think to mention it :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry. My mistake.


Not at all. I should have been more clear in my original post.


This has nothing to do with this thread but can anyone tell me how to open a new thread. I can’t find any icon to click to start a thread.


I’ve never heard that. It’s always been:



Click “new topic”



Where do I find “new topic”?


Home page, upper right, just under your avatar. :slight_smile:


I guess you can tell by now I am not keen on this new style website. The old one was easy. Where is the home page button?


No worries :slightly_smiling_face: The CA logo, top left.


This is embarrassing. I clicked the logo but can’t see anything.


What device/operating system are you using? The means of starting new threads varies. On a computer you may see this:

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Thanks—I should have asked this question. Since I almost always access CAF on a mobile device, I responded to @thistle from that point of view.

Mea culpa. :flushed:


I am on my pc.



Yes, that makes a difference . . .

See @ziapueblo’s comment.

Also, it tends to “handmaiden of God” for women, although the Pittsburgh metropolis seems to be using the masculine form for both. Were I a woman, I’d be more than mildly offended . . .


On pc and the blue circle works. Thanks.


You are very welcome.

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