Prayer during my discernment


Hello and God Bless.

I work as a Pastoral Minister within my home parish. I have always known that God is calling me to serve His church. I feel that it is to serve as a parish priest. My issue is that My diocese has a focus on younger vocations and I am 47.

I was told that I will have to fund myself (due to my age) through out my education and possible seminary. I feel it’s wrong (Canon 233, para 2) , but I will do what ever it takes to serve the Lord.

I am asking to be kept in your prayers as I struggle to discern God’s calling in this life.

I have also started a funding site to assist me. My family and friends have been wonderful supporters of my calling. Thanks again.

God Bless

Gary :thumbsup:


Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance & direction in your discernment.


Why not become a permanent deacon? You would be serving without that long stint at a seminary. BTW-What is a Pastoral Minister?


Deacons spend only a year or two less in the seminary.


Recommending the diaconate to someone who is discerning priesthood seems misguided to me. Undoubtedly you’re doing it out of charity and trying to think of a “solution” to the “problem” - but if it’s God calling this guy to the priesthood, then He will provide the graces necessary to overcome the obstacles to priesthood. The priesthood and the diaconate are different callings (the diaconate often precedes the call to priesthood, but not necessarily).

I think a recovery of a robust theology of holy orders would help people have a clear idea about deacons, priests, and bishops. It would likewise help with discernment.


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