Prayer for a friend losing his way


Please pray for a friend of mine. They are Catholic, but as of late, they have strayed from Catholic doctrine and seem to be headed down a path that will lead them away from the Church, or at best to become a person who remains in the Church but in public opposition to several infallible moral views that she holds.

Please also pray for me. I sent them a message of fraternal correction, and found it very painful and difficult. They are a good friend of mine, and I pray that this does not damage that friendship.

Peace and good.



Dear Jesus

Please let your Holy Spirit rest upon Kevin’s friends, giving them the gifts of wisdom and councel. Grant them humility that they may recognise and follow your will within the Church. Remove all blindness and any hardness of heart- increase their love for you. Give them an unshakeable faith and trust in you. Bless them Lord, and grant them the grace they need to follow your path. Grant them mercy, help them to seek and to find you and to be able to distinguish right from wrong. Please bless Kevin too, strengthen his friendship and fill him with your peace.



Amen to your lovely prayer Kirsty
It was brave and profoundly charitable of you to counsel your friend. I pray that you won’t be snubbed but you acted out of Christly motives. Be at peace that you honestly tried.


Amen…Take Care Kevin…


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