Prayer for a friend with possible Cancer


A family friend, Kim, will be going to MD Anderson Cancer Center to have a biopsy done on a lump found in her breast. Please pray for her and her family. She has two young sons (ages 7 and 5).


Praying for your friend.


Prayers :gopray2:


Iam praying for her. please pray to saint peregrine also for her:thumbsup:


Praying for her.


Praying. :gopray:


Prayers for this young mom and her family. May St. Peregrine intercede for her and good health be hers soon.


Praying for Kim.


I will pray for Kim.


Keeping Kim in daily prayer along with her young children, family and friends at this stressful time. St. Ezekiel Moreno y Diaz who died of cancer may be invoked re cancer. He died of cancer.

Blessings - Barb


Prayers to Kim and family.






I just wanted to do an update. It was confirmed that she has cancer in three spots in one breast, but it has not spread from that area. She will be having surgery on Aug. 14 to do a combined mastectomy and cosmetic surgery procedure. Thank you for all your prayers and keep her in your prayers for a full recovery.


When I was doing outpatient chemo, every time, there was a woman being treated for breast cancer there the same days as me. She handled the treatments well. Better then I handled mine. Your friend has my prayers that everything goes well. Tim


Praying for Kim. My daughter in law went through this last summer and got good results. Hope and pray that Kim does the same.


Thank you for the update. The 14th. August is the Eve of The Feast of The Assumption…Our Lady of Victories, please pray for her…


:signofcross: **Praying for Kim and her family **:gopray2:




Dear Nechasin…I have been keeping your friend in prayer. I hope the surgery on the 14th. August indeed went well and that her recovery will be full. I have prayed too for all family and friends at this time and will continue to pray for them and your friend at this difficult time.

Blessings … Barb

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