Prayer for a miracle?

Please pray that, if there is any possibility whatsoever, I will have a little brother or sister. It seems very unlikely, & I need extra hard prayers for this…
Thank you very much.

Please pray also for me, that I will get to go & live in Germany A.S.A.P, and that the coming year of my life will be better and more…spiritually enriched than the one gone by.
Thanks again.

There are some very good people on this forum, I will always remember this & be grateful. God bless!

My dear, I do hope and pray that your life will improve and become happier. I pray that you will be less lonely, and that you will feel more loved as time goes by. I ask Jesus to help you in all your relationships and difficulties, and to give you security, and a happier life and outlook for your life. I ask Jesus to be mindful of your hopes and needs.

God bless you, dear,
love, Trishie

Praying for your intention…Trishie says it all…

Never give up hope…Simon


Your intentions will be in my prayers.***

Eternal God, in whom mercy is endless and the treasury of compassion inexhaustible, look kindly upon us, and increase Your mercy in us, so that in difficult moments we might not despair, nor become despondent, but with great confidence, submit ourselves to Your Holy Will, which is Love and Mercy itself. Amen

May God abundantly bless your life, fill you with joy and hope for the future and draw you ever nearer to him. I pray thay you may have the courage to follow his path, no matter what the cost, giving him your burdens. May the Holy Spirit fill you with his life giving presence and grant you wisdom and may Christ surround you with his love and grace.


Amen! Gott sei dank.

Praying for you …


My prayers are with you and your parents.
May God grant you peace and happiness.

Amen! Lifting you up in prayer!

God Bless!

Heavenly Father, source of mercy, hear our petitions to shine visible light into the life of our brother, depressed_kid, and hear his intentions in accord with Your perfect will. Only by you does a soul escape the darkness. Dearest Mother Mary, lead this child of God into your Son’s care. For all those who suffer, help us to remember the words of Padre Pio:

The most beautiful credo is that pronounced in darkness, in times of sacrifice, and when one has to make a great effort to do this.

Amen. :gopray2:

Prayers For You
Grandma Glor

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