Prayer for a Seminarian spending a year at the Vatican


My friend, Brother Steve is a Salesian Seminarian entering his fifth year. This entails spending a year in study at the Vatican. He’s excited, but is also aware that this will have its own struggles and trials as well, as you might imagine.
Please pray that this year brings him even closer to Christ and strong in faith and that his journey to the priesthood goes well.

Thank you Brothers and Sisters in Christ


I’ll be praying for Brother Steve.


Definitely praying :gopray2: :signofcross: :gopray2:


I find praying for priest candidates very important. I will include brother Steve in my prayers. God bless him!


It will be my privilege to pray for a future Priest:highprayer: :highprayer:


Praying for Brother Steve. :gopray:




Dear Lord, please strengthen Steve in his vocation. You know his weaknesses and where he needs the most help. I lift him up to You and place him in Your caring hands. May You guide him to fulfill his calling as your special son, called to serve your people in the priesthood.

In the name of Jesus,


May Steve continue his journey of faith with God’s love and compassion by his side and guide him to his successful vocation. Amen.


God bless Brother Steve, strengthening him, as he prepares to become a priest.:gopray:


Thank you all, in all humility, and thanks to God for your prayers





I will pray for your friend.


Praying for him, ask him to visit the museum and see Peter’s chains. Everytime they take them apart they always go back together. Awesome place, will be praying for him


Saying a prayer for him.:slight_smile:

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