Prayer for alcoholic friend and his Family

Please pray for TJ, he is a young 30 something father with five children (the eldest just 8 years old) and the husband of a very devout young wife. His liver failed him about three months ago and he has been in the hospital struggling with this for that period of time.
During all of this his wife continues to volunteer for many ministries for the children and youth of the parish. She has developed a devotion with venerable Matt Talbot after I gave her material about his life and I request those that pray for TJ, to ask Matt and our blessed Mother to pray for and interceed for TJ also. And pray also for Jon, a devout Catholic, recovered alcoholic, and his family who has been very faithfully ministering to TJ’s family. I steered Jon to TJ for they have similar size families and interest, I figured Jon, who has over two decades of sobriety, and is faithful to the Church would be the best example to help guide TJ through this, hopefully to full recovery with our Lord’s help and Grace. The doctors had said that a liver transplant may be TJ’s only hope, but it appears that his liver may be starting to heal, he had surgery for an infection in his lungs on Tuesday …

Venerable Matt Talbot

Prayers for both families. May their earthly bodies be healed by God’s love and their hearts and souls be comforted also.


Praying for your friends…:gopray:

Praying. :gopray:

Praying to Matt Talbot for all involved.:gopray2:

During my knee time tonight I will offer this up for both families and for you for being such a caring and thoughtful friend



I will pray for your friend and his family.

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