Prayer for All High School Youth


May all the High School Youth of this World, Know the Love, Peace, and Forgiveness of Our Lord Jesus Christ. And May All the Campuses of this world be places of learning, and knowledge, and not violence.


Amen. Father in Jesus’ name please grant this prayer, and bless this person who asks our prayer. Thank You





Your intentions will be in my prayers.***




Dear God, Please Keep A Watchful Eye On All Students Including
High School,grade School, College And The Wee Ones.
Please Send Your Angels To Watch Over Them Also.
Grandma Glor



These children have grown in an age where You have been almost erased from the picture. These children are increasingly being raised in an environment which is seperated from Jesus!

Please let the Love of Your Holy Spirit radiate to all these children and their friends and families so that they can continue their education and do it with You instead of against You.

Please help them!

Amen, Amen!




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