Prayer for artificial conception


A young woman at work is asking people to pray that the in vitro fertilization procedure she is having done will result in a pregnancy for her. Any thoughts on this??


How many eggs will they fertilize? One woman at my school had this done. They were then going to implant all of them in her uterus at once. If they all “took”, ie, became viable, all of them would be “culled” (aborted/murdered), except for one, which would be allowed to live. As a celibate guy, I’m not versed on what the Church would say to the attempt to fertilize then implant one egg and hope for the best. I know precisely what she would say to the notion of multiple fertilizations/implantations and then “culling.” I would think the Church would condemn artificial fertilization as the objectification of a child.


Artificial contraception is morally wrong according to the CCC 2376-7.

My suggestion is if you’re not sure what to pray for, pray that God’s will be done.


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