Prayer for back disk please


“Ye have not because ye ask not.” So I’m asking. Please pray for my lower back disk, L-4-L-5, which is herniated. I can’t see the doc for ten days and I don’t think I’m going to make it without a back spasm. Had one before and it ripped me up pretty good. So kindly keep me in mighty prayer as I would like to stay fit to take care of my antique mom. And please keep her in prayer, too. Thanks.

Most Holy Trinity, lavishly bless all those who minister in prayer, granting miracles received in humblest thanks, all for Your honor and glory. AMEN


Yeah sure, no problem, I’ll pray for you. :cool:


Count me in on this one too. May God heal you soon. God bless you for taking care of your mom.



Dear friend

Your pain must be immense. Back pain is very painful indeed. You, your relative and all of your family are in my prayers and I will remember you before the Blessed Sacrament at Mass tomorrow.

Remember dear friend, you do not suffer pain for no reason, this is not allowed to happen to you for no purpose. Join your suffering to that of our Beloved Lord Jesus and offer it up for your sins, my sins and the sins of the whole world, that God may shower His Mercy upon us all. Offer it for conversion of all hearts. Your suffering is a blessing dear friend and God will help you.

God Bless you and heal you. Much love and peace to you and those you love, dear friend



ABSOLUTELY! I’m praying for you and for all involved around your back pain, especially.

I agree with Theresa that God wills for this to be… at least for now. May I suggest, like does Theresa, that you offer it up.

There’s something about offering up our pains that has a direct influence on promoting good somewhere/somewhen in the world. We may not even KNOW what it’s for… yet, as a Catholic I believe in “redemptive suffering.”

It’s the only thing that’s kept ME going through the suffering that I’ve been having in a huge way at this stage of my life. Sometimes I think that I can’t even deal with it… so I just give it up (in my mind, at least) and say “okay, God, You’ve allowed this pain… You may not have PREFERRED this suffering for me, Lord… but at least, nothing at all ever happens without at least Your PERMITTING it to happen, I’ll have to figure it’s Your will that I’m suffering like this.”

Then, I say “okay, Lord… I accept this pain… this moment, right now… so please, PLEASE take my pain, my suffering, and know that I’m offering it up for… (I fill in here whatever cause I have on my mind or my heart at the moment).”

I usually offer up my suffering, or my pain (even if it’s for only a stubbed toe!) for the “pour souls in Purgatory” who have nobody to pray for them.

I hope this doesn’t come across as my saying that your pain is NOT deep, NOT intense, NOT scary… just that it’s definitely an occassion to join it with Christ’s suffering on the cross and offer it up.


How pleasant that our hands-on, “pray and work” Catholics understand and live the delicate dynamic of praying for restoration and healing and conjoining all suffering with Christ’s. Hindu karma types only say, “Hey. Offer it up.” Hindu culture is remarkably merciless, as is the too often encountered refusal of some Catholics to beg God’s mercy, or to act, as if some kind of irreversible karmic fate was involved.

Worse, inaction is rationalized as God’s judgment. The Tower of Siloam was not divine judgment. I don’t recall Jesus ever telling anyone to offer it up. He brought forgiveness, and as a witness to His forgiveness, brought healing. Emulating Christ, and as St. Benedict counseled, we are to “pray and work.”

We are to lift our hands in prayer, then lift our hands in work, insuring consonance with God’s will. And that will, as emphasized by saintly mystics from 12th century St. Gertrude the Great to 20th century Sister Faustina, is to avail ourselves of Christ’s Divine Mercy.

May the Sacred Heart lavish His prodigious, loving mercy on us all, received in humblest thanks, all for His honor and glory. AMEN


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