Prayer for Calib - a friend of my grandaughters


A young man who got into some trouble, playing a stupid immature trick. He stole some dynamite to play a July 4th joke. Now he faces 2 years in Federal Prison.:frowning:




Being in the Fireworks business for 26 years … I know that he will probably serve time under the American Homeland Security “Terrorist Act”. Even the theft of a small firecracker is punishable… I will pray for him…



Dear St Dominic Savio, patron saint of falsly accused people, please whisper in the judge’s ear that the young man meant no harm. If the young man is to serve any time, please make it be a sentence of charitable works.:gopray:


He got 2 years prison…:frowning:


May Sts Peter and Paul, St Barbara and St Joan of Arc, all unjustly imprisoned, intercede for this young man.


He will surely need prayers. :gopray2:


I’m sorry. I thought when you said he faced two years in prison that meant he “could” get up to two years. One of my favorite saints is Sir Thomas Moore who was so unfairly inprisoned. St Thomas, please inspire this young man to turn this prison time into something good.
Let’s pray that through good example that this young man can convert the hearts of some of the prisoners.


God can bring good out of all things. Calib is a very sweet young man. I pray God protects him.:frowning:


He needs a good St Michael the Archangel medal and the prayers that go with it. That would be a nice present from your granddaughter. Of course, maybe medals are not allowed because of security reasons. Just a picture or a book of prayers to St Michael might be safer.:gopray:


I know. I gave him a St Christopher Medal for his birthday. He isn’t Catholic, but had mentioned he had one when he was confirmed(Lutheran) in his teens. He is going to need much prayer for the next year. The judge gave him 24 months but said if he completes a 500 hour drug program (no he doesn’t use drugs) that would give him 12 months off the 24. It was a weird way to cut down the sentence but it was the only thing the judge could think of. The judge was not at all happy about the whole case in the first place. It was the prosecutor who would not let it go. The judge even stated that he was inclined to drop it, but the prosecutor would not let it drop. She obviously was out to get some marks for successfully prosecuting a federal case. She needs prayers too. The woman is souless.

So now, he will be behind bars, his Family on welfare for no good reason other than a low life prosecutor out to make some marks for herself in the criminal justice system.:mad:


:extrahappy: :dancing: UPDATE: Good news I think…Not sure.

But the Judges secretary called Caleb’s lawyer and said to be back in court on Wednesday the 12th. He wants to review the case and may rescind the sentence.

The judge, as I mentioned said he found it a foolish immature mistake, but not with criminal intent. He did not want to have to sentence Caleb, but the young gung ho prosecutor would not let it go. Looks like the Judge and the Boss prosecutor have been discussing it.

Keep those prayers rolling.


Praying for Calib.


Praying for Calib.

Lord, you alone know our hearts. If this young man was just pulling a prank and never intended harm to anyone, please Lord allow the Judge to see the light. Come into this young man"s heart and allow him to grow from this experience. In Jesus name I pray… AMEN


Amen…I sent a petition worded much like that to the Tomb of Mother Theresa of Calcuta…and already we are seeing the power of Her intercession. :thumbsup:

Caleb is now wearing her medal and asking for her intercession.


I hope he is aware of our prayers. Having Catholics pray for him just might start him thinking our way. I will keep up the prayers.
Mother Theresa, please help turn this case around.


praying :gopray:


He is now wearing the medal of Blessed Mother Theresa that I gave him yesterday…believe me, he is praying. :thumbsup:

He is Lutheran, so medals of saints do have meaning for him.


Will keep this young man in prayer with Mother Teresa…


Praying for Caleb…

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