Prayer for Caregivers


Please pray for the caregivers. They are the quiet heroes among us and at times have very difficult lives. Let’s pray for God to help them bear their burdens.

Thank you.




Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, have mercy on me, a sinner and on the request of my friend…





I pray for all those who have this job–they work for their families as well, and help those who need them. Give them the strength to carry on each day, Lord, for those who have need of their help.


Praying for these obedient servants of the Lord.


Praying for all of us! For when it seems too heavy and when it seems there is no hope. For the Holy Spirit to fill are minds with peace and our hearts with comfort. For time for us to just be…



May they become more and more open to the Spirit that has chosen them, may they be guided and strengthened, and may they be blessed to see the fruits of their service, in Jesus’ Name, Amen


Dear Jesus, please send your grace and strength upon these people who work so hard to care for those in need. In Jesus name we pray.


Praying for the caregivers. :gopray:


I will pray for these people…


Yes, indeed!! BTDT, prayer is what gets you through. More than anything else, prayer is what gives you the strength to carry on.:gopray::gopray:




Dear Rocket…keeping all caregivers in prayer, who indeed are very often the quiet, hidden and unsung heroes in our midst and very often their burden is heavy indeed…


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