Prayer for deliverance from evil question

I agree with you on your statement on exorcism. Saint Benedict wasn’t a priest but he performed at least one exorcism and fought demons all his life.

If I remember right, why exorcism was restricted to authorized priests was because back in the Protestant Revolt and after; things got so bad with the number of unauthorized exorcisms that the Church had to step in and curb it.

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There’s that, but it’s not just with issues among protestants. Unfortunately, people have a tendency to behave in a juvenile way when it comes to demons. Instead of focusing on loving and helping people from something or someone that is causing pain, it makes them feel excited or cool for taking part in a ritual. But yeah, laity were doing all kinds of weird stuff so the Church eventually came in, rounded up her wild kids, and laid some more specific rules around it.

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Yeah, that’s so true. I prayed a deliverance prayer once for a coworker last year. She complained of a demon who bothered her.

So, I sat her down and put my blessed rosary crucifix to her forehead, told her to focus on the prayer, believe in Jesus, pay no mind to whatever the demon may be doing and I prayed over her.

I never commanded nor spoke to the demon. I just invoked the Precious Blood and I prayed to Jesus. As I prayed, I kept my eyes open and focused on her. I saw a reaction in her face of struggling. I could see that the demon was struggling within her.

When it was over, she told me that the demon had gone away and that she saw Saint Michael the Archangel behind me and felt better.

I told her to amend her life and go seek out a priest and talk to him. Which she did seek out and priest and talked with him.

Problem was: She went right back into the New Age stuff. She even went into a New Age bookstore in town and got a rock “ charged with positive energy “ to keep the demon away.

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I suppose it’s more complicated. I’m not anlyzing it, generally speaking, there’s so many reasons why people oppose religion, or the Church, or just plainly disbelieve.

I’m so glad you know a bit of our history! Yes, perhaps it’ll stop here, or else we’ll have a bloody rebellion. Professor Chodakiewcz said, that unlike in the USA when the frog was being cooked slowly, we are being attacked brutally, suddenly because they despise us. Perhaps he’s right, and then, maybe not.

I usually do just that. When I have no other sources to turn to (like Catehism, the Bible, etc)

I agree. Never doubted that.

Again agreed, but: you do realise that you generalize here? I mean, I try to limit what I say about my mother to minimum details, so it’s not only that I know infinitely less than God, but also that you know so much less than I do about the situation. She told me a lot about things from the past, some were very tough on me, cause I was only 12 at that time. Lots of stuff I wish I didn’t know. Some things I observed, listened to directly from her, or from the observation of my wise husband. It’s so much more than militant atheism, but you wouldn’t know.
Still, I appreciate your post, and when taken out of the context to have a general meaning, you are perfectly right.
About being lukewarm as well, I was that once, for 6 years, and only knew how huge the difference is after my real conversion. And I keep converting. I don’t want Jesus to spit me out of his mouth. He said it’s even better to be cold, than lukewarm. So perhaps it’s not sometimes, it’s most of the times, according to the Gospel.

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Just yesterday I listened to a priest online who talked about things like what to do when a person is oppressed, and he said that we should most of all love them. He talked basically about children, and what should parents do, but it applies to all people.
I asked about three priests in total in the last few years about that situation, and every time I followed the advice. Pray, be nice, make her know you remember she exists and you forgave etc. I keep doing that, even now - in that last conversation we had. It’s just that my husband has had enough, he hates to see me treated badly, so I’ll have little occasion to do anything more than pray, and perhaps that’s fine. The last advice I got from a priest who knows the situation best said, that praying and offering suffering is enough, and the best way. I just wanted to do “all I could” - hence the thread on this forum.

Foreign news sites are fine, we have very sophistocated translation online and I have polish friends to help with nuance.

I would like to see where LGBT people are attacking priests and other people for simply being not LGBT.

I don’t understand your scepticism… Or maybe I simply misunderstood you?

You make it sound strange… It’s an ideological war we’re at - civilisation of death against civilisation of life (it’s a spiritual war, too). Priests, as representative of the Church are considered the worst of the enemies. They say publically that homosexual acts are sinful, that LGBT ideology is dangerous and spiritually devastating, and the people who want gay marriages legal, adoptions of children for gay couples and sex-education at schools are furious. I’m not even giving links to verbal abuse examples - such articles are aplenty everywhere; churches are desecrated, people lose jobs etc, because they publically say they are against the ideology.
Here are the links (one’s in English, we have our Polish version too):
“Rampant Christianophobia in Poland”

“The Appeal of Polish Catholics…”

Attacks on volunteers for stop pedophilia (sex-education for kids)

Profanation of the Image of Our Lady
And there’s a lot of that happening - that wasn’t just once and one image. The LGBT activists are actually selling similar “rainbow” pictures of Our lady :frowning:
In English:
In English - on attacks etc
Pride Parade - Gdańsk, profanity

Do you need more? Please remember it started around February this year - it’s getting worse, more violent and it escalates quite quickly…

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Demonic possession is actually rare in the western world, - although the need for it is certainly present. It is more common in developing nations. Why? One can only surmise a reason, but it may be that the materialism of the west renders possession unneeded, since we are attached to things of this world. In nations where there are various animist religions, that opens the door to the occult - if they are not occult themselves. Thus, there is a greater window of opportunity for demonic possession.

Watch the various YouTube interviews with exorcists. There are definite signs that are associated with possession. However, the Church is oh so careful in such situations, knowing that every care must be taken to eliminate mental or psychological illness first.

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I had, quite a few. And I read a book (only one, I think, not sure) by Father Gabriel Amorth. There was a time (thank God it was short), soon after conversion, that I was very interested in all that. One of the reasons was my stupidity as an atheist - I was dealing in astrology, and Tarot a little, had one incident with evil presence and some very strange thoughts (long before conversion, the confession and my conversion put a stop to all that stuff) - so I got interested in it.
Until a time when I learned I should concentrate on Jesus and love and so on, instead of the devil and posessions, one can get some skewed view of reality like that. So I dropped it, but I remember the main points.
Do you know Piotr Glas (Peter) - lives in England, he’s Polish. He was an exorcist for a long time - I listened to many of his talks. Now I still do occasionally - the talks are now on different subjects mostly (though related to the spiritual warfare, he likes to remind people that devil exists and is very very real).

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now LGBT is attacking our country, brutally, including personal, physical attacks on priests and laypeople,

I was shocked by your words. This sort of attack has not been covered in the news here.

There are some very unpleasant images so beware. But CM has been keeping an eye on the situation in Poland


I’m so sorry to hear about all of this. I took my son to Father tonight, he’s feeling very terrible; and I told him about the LGBT problem in Poland and he just rolled his eyes when I said LGBT.

It’s ridiculous what our culture has come to.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help: Pray for us!


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