Prayer for DUIs and their Victims

This June will mark the 4th anniversary that I was a victim of a DUI. I walked away from the accident, but have lived with shoulder pain since then.

For a long time, the focus was on my left shoulder, two surgeries and countless hours of physical therapy. In July 06, my orthopedic doctor finally told me that I should seek alternatives for chronic pain management.

On Monday I went to see the doctor again. A new (and familiar) pain had taken hold of my right shoulder. The evaluation confirmed what I suspected. My right shoulder has problems, and will require a surgery. Tomorrow I will get a 2nd opinion.

We knew my right shoulder would need surgery. We had just hoped that it could be delayed for as long as possible. My left arm isn’t very strong and its reliability is questionable.

I don’t have any bitterness or anger about the accident. Each day I do my best to carry this cross.


praying for all the victims and praying for you :slight_smile:

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